Yokkao Muay Thai Boxing Equipment

All Yokkao boxing gloves have been designed and manufactured to the highest quality possible. Handmade and crafted from the finest leather, these exceptional gloves are comfortable, supportive and easy to clean. Yokkao’s leather bag gloves offer an open-end thumb and Velcro closure for additional wrist support, while the brand’s leather boxing gloves boast high density foam padding for maximum protection.

Yokkao have produced some very popular yokkao thai shorts in original and instantly recognisable designs. Yokkao’s Muay Thai shorts are made from satin and offer an elasticated waist for extra comfort and breathability. The collection’s hand-made carbon shorts have flown off the shelves in the UK, which indicates that the brand is quickly coming into position to compete with other established fight shorts manufacturers.

Top fighters and world champions, such as Buakaw Banchamek, Saenchai and Jordan Watson, have all been spotted wearing a yokkao t shirt during their training and battles. A yokkao shirt has distinctive and unmissable graphics and bold colours, made using the best materials available.

In addition to its clothing range, Yokkao stocks a wide range of other fight accessories, including comfortable, strong and durable Muay Thai kick pads. Available in striking designs, these products offer reinforced stitching and are made from premium quality leather to ensure they remain an essential piece of your Muay Thai kit for years to come.

About Yokkao

The Yokkao motto is "born to fight" and the brand itself promotes and communicates the innate intensity of a fighter. Launching its very first range of yokkao muy thai shorts in 2008, the Yokkao brand gained almost overnight success across the globe thanks to its unique, cutting-edge designs and high quality yokkao boxing accessories.

Yokkao’s employees are ex-fighters with first-hand experience of the sport, so the design and testing stages are carried out thoroughly, with patience and precision to ensure that products meet the unique needs of the customers. You won’t find a more wearable and workable range of Muay Thai equipment anywhere else!

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