Fairtex MMA Throwing Bag

Fairtex MMA Throwing Bag

Fairtex Sweat Suit - Black

Fairtex Sweat Suit - Black

Fairtex Maddox II MMA Grappling Dummy

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Pre order the best selling Fairtex Maddox dummy from Fight Co today. Your item will be despatched when the delivery arrived in the UK approx March. You can also just give a £100 deposit and pay the remaining balance when the items arrive in the UK!

Fairtex Maddox II grappling dummy is a redesign of the popular Fairtex Maddox dummy. This MMA product is quite simply the best grappling dummy on the market. The pre filled MMA dummy can sit or stretch out, half guard, De la riva, X guard drills are possible with the product.

The new Maddox dummy now has hands and feet, this allows for practise of heel hook, toe hold, wrist lock, straight ankle log and a variety of other leg locks. The Maddox II also have an improved posture and natural balance.

The MMA dummy has a strong base, half of the legs are filled with sand. The neck of the dummy has been designed to support you to do guillotine, darce choke, anaconda choke etc just like you would on a real person.

The dummy is ideal for side mount, full mount, north south, back control etc. this is by far the best grappling dummy around.

Made in Thailand

(Head to Toe)
Neck Shoulders Chest Waist Hips
190 cm 39 cm 120 cm 87 cm 90 cm 110 cm


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Colour Black
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