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Thai Pads

Thai Kick Pads

Thai pads are also commonly known as Muay Thai kick pads and are an essential piece of training equipment in the sport of Muay Thai.

Fight Co stock Thai pads from the best suppliers direct from Thailand including popular brands such as Twins and Fairtex. Alongside these leading brands we stock a wide range of Thai pads with fantastic quality at a range of prices to cater for all budgets.

The most popular Thai pads sold at Fight co are the Fairtex Curved Thai kick pads, these pads are hand made in Thailand comprising of 100% leather. They have a soft design giving them a much softer feel even on first use making them great for men, women and kids.

We also stock Thai pads from other top brands like Twins, Sandee and MTG, again with these pads they are made from leather and are very durable, these Thai kick pads are used in many Thai gyms throughout the world.

Fight co believe you get what you pay for when it comes to Thai pads however we do have some fantastic quality value pads in stock. If you would like and advice on Thai pads do not hesitate to contact out experienced team at Fight co.