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Elevation Training Mask

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The Elevation Training Mask 2.0 is a pioneer in the field of respiratory conditioning for exercise, and is one of the leading performance breathing technologies for fitness and sport. Using this mask will challenge you both physically and mentally, pushing boundaries like never before.

The training mask attempts to simulate high altitude training via air resistance and can be worn during any level of exercise or sport activity.

Elite athletes who want to improve their performance go to levels of high altitude to train. When they come back to sea level, they perform much stronger, faster and their overall endurance increases. The mask replicates this process for us to enjoy in the comfort of gyms and at home.

Our training masks help to increase stamina and improve endurance, ‘supercharge’ your recovery time and help to defeat workout fatigue.

Training Masks UK

The training mask improves the respiratory compensation threshold (RCT) , which is the boundary between high intensity activity and severe intensity exertion. In normal conditions, the bodies drive to breathe is based on the carbon dioxide levels in the blood. When the RCT is reached, the bodies drive to breathe is driven by lactate levels. This causes very heavy respiration and signifies a transition point for the body, where fatigue starts to overcome the body’s ability to sustain exercise intensity.

The elevation training masks increase the RCT, which in turn allows the body to generate more effort before the point of exhaustion is reached.

Altitude Training Masks UK

The mask is designed to stay firmly in place so that you don’t encounter any problems whilst moving around. The elevation training mask is available in three sizes – small, medium and large – and is made from a neoprene skin material. This soft material moulds to the face to create an air-tight seal, and allows the mask to remain durable during use and can be washed and dried easily.

Adjusting the masks resistance valves will simulate different altitudes and help to strengthen your diaphragm. The altitude levels can be adjusted on the mask, depending on your preference. Whatever setting you choose to wear the training mask on, you are guaranteed to produce beneficial results.

The mask works by forcing all respiratory muscles into working harder which helps to strengthen them. Training with the mask on will help to increase your aerobic endurance over time. When it comes to competing or training without the mask, you will have stronger respiratory muscles and the ability to breathe deeply for a longer period of time.

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