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Fits Like a (Thai Boxing) Glove | FightCo

Nothing is more distracting than gear that doesn’t fit properly, and hitting anything with a badly fitting glove can result in unnecessary injury or just be annoying. If you haven’t purchased any type of glove before, your top considerations will be fit, purpose, weight, weight distribution, and desired protection level. The rule of thumb is to keep two pairs on hand, one for training and one for sparring, but if you want to start with just one, you have to choose carefully. For a mix of boxing and kickboxing as... Read More

Why We Love Twins Special (And You Should Too)

Here at Fight Co, we strive to bring you the best brands available, and we’re proud to offer such a huge collection of Twins Special products. Whilst you’ll have seen the logo and brand name plastered across all kinds of MMA and Thai boxing campaigns, it’s the brand’s presence within the mainstream market that sets it apart from many other fight gear manufacturers. This is why we’ve decided to dedicate a blog post solely to Twins Special – to help show our love and support for the brand.      ... Read More