Pugilists, Who was the First Ever Bare-Knuckle Champ?

Pugilists, Who was the First Ever Bare-Knuckle Champ?   In 1719, one James Figg was crowned the first bare-knuckle boxing champion of England. In the half-century preceding his achievement, boxing had made a comeback as a sport and spectacle in towns throughout the country, and over the next few centuries would remain a way for young bruisers to earn a few quid on the side or just put food on the table in hard times.   Today, the rule set developed in England in the 19th century governs the sport... Read More

Incredible MMA Fighters You’ve Never Heard Of

Martial arts are ancient combat practices which originated from Asia and the Indian subcontinent and eventually found their way to Europe. Land disputes and feudal power struggles led to the birth of fighters whose skills and techniques could not be outmatched. Fighters would pass on their technique down the generations until fighting styles emerged which could be taught in schools. From these schools emerged the combat systems we still practice to this day; Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Judo to name a few. Mixed martial arts, which combines... Read More

Some of Boxing’s Biggest Scandals

Boxing is rough, violent and physically destructive. Boxing takes stamina, it takes dedication and audacity. Boxers develop their skills through years of painstaking training. A boxer will face countless rounds and injuries before ever even stepping into the professional ring. Make an argument against the sport, but there’s something about boxing – something that has drawn paying fans to overfilled arenas, and boxers into rings for decades. Boxing is exhilarating. Boxing is an extreme sport, it can be extremely dangerous and that’s part of its thrill. Boxers must be in... Read More

Five Great Fights from Boxing to Mixed Martial Arts

Movie Night: Five Great Fights It’s been quite a year already in the world of ultimate fighting. Feathers and fur have been flying in the Octagon and out. Who’s getting a rematch? Who isn’t? Who’s already in the running for the most-gruesome eye injury of 2016? But because we’re just crawling out of the winter weather rut and some of us out here in the workaday world are still trying to kick off a kilo or so, let’s amp up with a few great fight videos for inspiration We took... Read More

Why We Love Twins Special (And You Should Too)

Here at Fight Co, we strive to bring you the best brands available, and we’re proud to offer such a huge collection of Twins Special products. Whilst you’ll have seen the logo and brand name plastered across all kinds of MMA and Thai boxing campaigns, it’s the brand’s presence within the mainstream market that sets it apart from many other fight gear manufacturers. This is why we’ve decided to dedicate a blog post solely to Twins Special – to help show our love and support for the brand.      ... Read More


The Best Training Workout for Boxing

As a boxer – or someone who is looking to get into the sport – it can sometimes be overwhelming looking for a workout that is right for you. True, there’s not a ‘one size fits all’ solution that will work for everyone, as everyone responds differently to different workouts. That’s why we’ve mentioned a few top training tips to help you on your way, which should be integrated into every boxing workout, no matter what your ability.   Benefits of a boxing routine As a boxer, your ultimate goal... Read More

Up and Coming Boxers 08/07/2015

Up and Coming Boxers To Watch Out For

The world of boxing is one full of famous names. Legends such as Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Robinson and George Foreman are all names that spring to mind as well as current ring stars such as Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. But as always, there are a few names currently making their way to the top and this year is set to be their biggest yet, with plenty of up and coming boxers to make a note of. Here is our pick of the boxers to watch out... Read More