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  You need more than one gi. Yes, we do sell gi here at Fight Co, but, really, we’re not just showing our bias. And if you’ve been training any of the arts that require this suit for more than, say, two weeks, you already know that you need more than one. That said, their washing and treatment is an important part of owning them, so if you have just one or two, you need to protect your investment in that beautiful Tatami fightwear. These care tips apply to most... Read More

Why Everyone Should Practice Brazilian Ju-Jitsu

Why Everyone Should Practice Brazilian Ju-Jitsu   Fighting is about strength. And if that’s what you think, you’re right – to an extent. That’s because the strength you need to be a good fighter comes from stamina. Practicing a martial art is about controlling your mind and your will, and that takes a lot of strength. In a fight, you have to use your willpower to suppress anger and aggression in order to stay composed. Martial arts are about avoiding confrontation, and no style is designed to teach defence more... Read More

Movement training | Tatami Fightwear | FightCo

Movement Training for Strength and Agility There are a lot of “shoulds” and “have tos” in life. Ask any kid who hates vegetables. Even those of us who love to train often feel that we “should” be doing more of something or cross-training in another. One thing that we all should try at least few times, however, is movement training. Yes, the crazy stuff that Conor McGregor was working on with Ido Portal before UFC 194. Whatever you might think of these two gentlemen personally, this type of work has... Read More