The History of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is more than a simple set of kicks and punches. Muay Thai is a full body attack and self-defence system created hundreds of years ago by tribes defending territory as they slowly made their way from the steppes of China to the dense jungles of Thailand and Vietnam. Today, this culturally Thai, close-combat sport is practiced at schools around the world. With benefits like increasing core strength and even stress relief, Muay Thai can be practiced by people of all ages. Here’s a brief history of this martial... Read More

The Best Not-So-Super Superhero Movies

The Best Not-So-Super Superhero Movies   Our comic book heroes fill our heads with visions of high-flying, ass-whooping invincibility. Who hasn’t pictured themselves as a caped saviour or martial arts ninja? Doer of good, destroyer of bad. Besides, superheroes always get the hot chick – once they’ve been pushed to their limits taking down the worst criminals that is.   Superheroes have powers we’d love to possess. Infinite strength, speed, stretchy limbs and of course there’s flying. Flying is a big one, everyone has dreamt of flying at some point... Read More

Some of Boxing’s Biggest Scandals

Boxing is rough, violent and physically destructive. Boxing takes stamina, it takes dedication and audacity. Boxers develop their skills through years of painstaking training. A boxer will face countless rounds and injuries before ever even stepping into the professional ring. Make an argument against the sport, but there’s something about boxing – something that has drawn paying fans to overfilled arenas, and boxers into rings for decades. Boxing is exhilarating. Boxing is an extreme sport, it can be extremely dangerous and that’s part of its thrill. Boxers must be in... Read More

Samurai, The Great Martial arts Warriors of Feudal Japan

Samurai, The Great Martial arts Warriors of Feudal Japan   To a European merchant in 18th century Japan, the samurai must have been a terrifying sight, and it wasn’t only outsiders who feared these menacing warriors. If you were an 18th century Japanese farmer on the wrong side of a landowner’s new property the samurai were the stuff of nightmares.   The samurai began as an elite militia hired by rich landowners who sought fortune outside of imperial walls. By the 12th century the samurai had risen to power enforcing... Read More

Movement training | Tatami Fightwear | FightCo

Movement Training for Strength and Agility There are a lot of “shoulds” and “have tos” in life. Ask any kid who hates vegetables. Even those of us who love to train often feel that we “should” be doing more of something or cross-training in another. One thing that we all should try at least few times, however, is movement training. Yes, the crazy stuff that Conor McGregor was working on with Ido Portal before UFC 194. Whatever you might think of these two gentlemen personally, this type of work has... Read More