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Top Misconceptions About MMA

Since the MMA is still a new fighting discipline, many people have rather unfounded ideas about the sport. From the outside MMA can look like a barbaric game where both opponents aim to fight to the death. Despite what fearful parents might say, MMA isn’t the Roman coliseum deathmatch that they think they’re watching. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about the MMA. These Look Like Normal Athletes From behind a screen, many an MMA fighter looks like any average guy with a bit of muscle on him... Read More

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Training Advice from the Pros

The best advice comes from the pros. Looking to get fitter, stronger, better? Then look no further – here are some great pieces of advice from some of the best fighters around. Frank Mir – UFC Frank Mir is one of the best people to take advice from, not only because of his skill in the octagon but because of what he’s had to overcome to get where he is. After suffering a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 2004 he was told that he might never walk again. Fast forward four... Read More

Don’t Crack: Caring for Your Leather Boxing Gloves

Cracks in leather are the beginning of the end, so when it comes to those precious leather boxing gloves, prevention is far better than cure. You’ve spent some money on them, so following these tips to care for them will be worth your while.   Interior Handwraps: If you’re not wearing them, you should be; and they should always be fresh and dry when you put them on. They soak up some of the moisture inside so there’s less to get rid of in the first place. The wraps can... Read More

Gi Care Primer | Fight Co | Tatami Fightwear | BJJ supply

  You need more than one gi. Yes, we do sell gi here at Fight Co, but, really, we’re not just showing our bias. And if you’ve been training any of the arts that require this suit for more than, say, two weeks, you already know that you need more than one. That said, their washing and treatment is an important part of owning them, so if you have just one or two, you need to protect your investment in that beautiful Tatami fightwear. These care tips apply to most... Read More

Fits Like a (Thai Boxing) Glove | FightCo

Nothing is more distracting than gear that doesn’t fit properly, and hitting anything with a badly fitting glove can result in unnecessary injury or just be annoying. If you haven’t purchased any type of glove before, your top considerations will be fit, purpose, weight, weight distribution, and desired protection level. The rule of thumb is to keep two pairs on hand, one for training and one for sparring, but if you want to start with just one, you have to choose carefully. For a mix of boxing and kickboxing as... Read More


Benefits of an Elevation Training Mask

    As one of the most popular products here at Fight Co, we thought we’d give you a little more information on how using an Elevation Training Mask can have a positive impact on your training. Feel free to share our infographic with your friends and followers on social media.


Gym Bag Essentials for Every Boxer

Apart from the obvious boxing attire, such as your top and shorts, your gym bag should include other boxing essentials that you can’t go without. Here at FightCo, we understand the importance of remaining calm and clear minded before any boxing competitions so we’ve put together a small list of items that you should have packed ready in your bag – just to make things a little easier for yourself.   1- Gym Bag/ Holdall Your gym bag will take more of a beating than your opponent in the ring,... Read More

Medicine Ball Review 11/06/2015

Blitz Sports Leather Medicine Ball Review

Fight Co have teamed up with Stephen Townley in relation to a review of a Blitz Sports leather medicine ball (5kg). Review of the Blitz Sports medicine ball When I think of a medicine ball I often think of Rocky films and the like!  Shots of extremely lean fighters being prepared for fights with the aid of medicine balls being thrown/dropped onto their abdominal area from great height. Now I can’t say if this method of training is of use and in fact offers any success in improving the abdominal... Read More

Bad Boy Rash Guard 14/04/2015

Bad Boy Engaged Rash Guard Review and Promo Code

Fight Co have recently teamed up with Cristiana Theodoli in relation to a review of the Bad Boy Engaged Rash Guard. Review of the Bad Boy Engaged Rash Guard As an active BJJ competitor I am always on the lookout for new training gear so when asked if I could review one of their products for this promotion I jumped at the chance. Having to pick from the store’s wide choice of items was difficult but we agreed on me testing a long sleeved Bad Boy Engaged rash guard ... Read More


Fairtex Maddox II grappling dummy

See our website to pre order yours.   Autumn 2014 will see the release of the Fairtex Maddox II dummy in the UK. The original  MK1 Fairtex dummy has been available in the UK for the past few years and has been regarded as the best MMA grappling dummy on the market. Over the past year Fairtex have listened to the reviews and feedback of the MK1 dummy and noted that a demand for hands and feet to be added to the dummy would be highly beneficial. With this in mind... Read More