Top Misconceptions About MMA

Since the MMA is still a new fighting discipline, many people have rather unfounded ideas about the sport. From the outside MMA can look like a barbaric game where both opponents aim to fight to the death. Despite what fearful parents might say, MMA isn’t the Roman coliseum deathmatch that they think they’re watching. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about the MMA.

These Look Like Normal Athletes
From behind a screen, many an MMA fighter looks like any average guy with a bit of muscle on him or her. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. These fighters are some of the most all around athletic people you’ll encounter. Fighting in the octagon takes speed, strength, stamina, footwork, willpower, and most importantly, the ability to take a punch. These athletes are well versed in a number of fighting disciplines that make them highly erudite fighting machines. Fighters will go so far as to use elevation masks and train at altitude in order to bolster their skill.

Why Are Big Dudes Fighting Small Dudes
If you’re saying this you probably haven’t watched MMA fighting in a few years. In the early days of the MMA weight classes weren’t well defined, yet the organisation has long done away with any weight class ambiguity. Nowadays weight classes are strictly enforced and are split up into eight classes.

UFC And MMA Are Not Synonymous
A lot of people will interchangeably use UFC and MMA, yet this is not the case. UFC is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, meaning that it’s the highest tier of MMA. Don’t go walking around telling people that your son or daughter is a UFC fighter!

Only Men Do MMA
Think about that one for a minute. I know that you’ve heard of Rhonda Rousey. Rousey is one of the most dominant fighters in the UFC and is known for taking down her opponents in a matter of seconds. UFC has almost as many female fighters as it does men. This is one of the few sports that garners almost the same amount of attention from both sexes.

Determining Winners Is Not an Arbitrary Process
Although only a select few truly understand how judges arrive at their decisions, the choosing of a winner is in no way an unfounded selection. Winners aren’t solely determined by how many punches are landed. Judges take into account the quality of punches, what type of mounts are held, and how many punches are dodged. Many factors go into MMA judging that an outsider and even many insiders do not understand.


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