Keeping Up Your Training During Winter

With a season full of parties and food, for many people it’s easy to lose motivation for training in the winter months – not to mention the cold weather put many of us off training outdoors! Many times have we arrived into the New Year feeling bloated and in dire need of a detox, hoping you haven’t thrown months of hard training away for a few weeks of indulgence. However, although you may allow yourself to relax a little over the winter period, it’s the worst time of the year to slack – not only because you’ll be ingesting a few more calories, but our bodies naturally store more fat over the winter months to help keep us warm.

Whilst there may be some who stick to a super strict, clean diet over the Christmas period – there’s a hell of a lot of people who don’t! After all, we all deserve a break at some point, don’t we? To help you keep your motivation up in the winter, Fight Co has put together a few tips on how to stay on top of your game in the colder weather – in a bid to emerge in the spring in fine form.


Wear the correct clothing


This may seem like common sense, but people get it wrong time and time again. When training outside, it’s easy to throw on as many layers possible to keep you warm and comfortable. However, you’re likely to perspire more than you would otherwise, leading to your thick clothes becoming damp – which in turn will make you colder! Instead, opt for a suitable base-layer as they’re made from special fabrics which are designed to keep moisture away from your skin.


It’s best if you’re feeling a little on the cool side before starting your training, as your body will heat up to a comfortable temperature. If it’s raining outside, wear a loose training jacket as they’re less likely to make you sweat and can easily be taken off if you get too warm.


Choose your footwear carefully


It goes without saying that the winter can cause havoc to our roads and footpaths with the arrival of frost and ice, which is why you should make sure you’ve picked out the right pair of trainers for the job. Some trainers have features to provide extra traction on slippery surfaces, whilst others are adapted to be able to cope with running through deep snow. So before you pick up any old pair from the cupboard, make sure they’re suitable to avoid injury (and embarrassment)!


Remember to take water!

Many of us fail to realise that drinking water whilst training in the winter is just as important as in the summer! Whilst we me crave more water in the summer due to the intense heat, our body requires the same amount to keep us hydrated and regulate our body temperature in the cold weather, too. Drinking an ice cold bottle of water while outside in the winter doesn’t sound like the best idea, so make sure you fill your water bottle with water that’s been sat at room temperature for a while – you can even fill it with lukewarm water to prevent it from getting too cold whilst outside.


That’s it for our tips on defying the winter whilst training. If the cold weather is too much to handle, then make sure you make use of the indoor gym equipment instead, such as treadmills, cycles and even indoor swimming pools. Do you have any tips on keeping protected whilst training this winter? Then let us know how in the comments section below.

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