BJJ: A Look at Tatami

Tatami has long been one of the best selling fight wear brands here at Fight Co, and it’s no surprise with their wide range of BJJ clothing and equipment they have to offer. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate a blog post to look back at how Tatami came to be one of the most well-known brands within the combat sports industry.


The History of Tatami

Relatively new to the scene, Tatami Fightwear was founded in the UK in 2009 after the people behind the brand recognised that high quality BJJ equipment and clothing should be available to everyone at affordable prices. One of its founders, Gareth, was a brown belt in Brazilian Jui Jitsu who was heavily involved in teaching the sport to children in deprived areas – where they often didn’t have the correct equipment due to their family’s low income. This was very upsetting for Gareth and he realised that these children should be given the chance to own high quality equipment at affordable prices. Cue the birth of Tatami.

Its owners, Gareth and Lee, worked around the clock to build a brand that was to become recognised across the globe for its high quality clothing collection and equipment which would also be used to support academies and classes of where they’re needed most. Today, Tatami has enjoyed an explosion of success and is available in over 30 countries across the world, its products are supporting over 300 academies and the brand is available in more the 100 shops – making their products available to the masses at affordable prices.

They have earned a huge amount of respect in the industry due to their continued support within the BJJ community by running their sponsorship programme, which gives up and coming BJJ fighters from all around the world a helping hand. Tatami also sponsors some of the world’s greatest fighters such as Fernando ‘Terere’ Augusto, Robson Moura and Dean Lister – to name a few.


Best Selling Tatami Products

Fight Co is proud to be an official supplier of Tatami Fightwear products and they prove to be some of the most popular products within our store. Take a look at the links below to be taken to the product pages of a handful of our customers, and our, most loved Tatami equipment.

Tatami Meiyo Large Gym Bag

Tatami Gentle Panda MMA Rash Guard

Tatami Nova BJJ GI

Tatami BJJ GI Belt

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