The Best Training Workout for Boxing

As a boxer – or someone who is looking to get into the sport – it can sometimes be overwhelming looking for a workout that is right for you. True, there’s not a ‘one size fits all’ solution that will work for everyone, as everyone responds differently to different workouts. That’s why we’ve mentioned a few top training tips to help you on your way, which should be integrated into every boxing workout, no matter what your ability.


Benefits of a boxing routine

As a boxer, your ultimate goal is to gain an advantage over your opponents, which can be achieved through a proper, well researched training routine. Through this, you’ll be able to improve your strength and endurance, as well as your technical know how and technique.  Even if you’re just looking for a routine to get in great shape, a boxing routine is great to follow – as it includes elements to keep your cardiovascular health on top form as well as improving your physical appearance.


Weights Are Your Friend

The fitness industry is plagued with myths, which leads the somewhat easily influenced beginners at risk of being manipulated into believing the incorrect, and sometimes dangerous, information. In this case, it’s the age-old myth that you should keep away from weight training whilst training for boxing. This is absolutely not true. One of the main reasons you’re training for boxing is to increase your strength, so why would you ditch the weights? Weight lifting will help ramp up your muscle to fat ratio, which means more power and endurance – whilst giving you a physique that you’ve longed for.


Heavy Bag

This training technique has been around as long as boxing itself and is a tried and tested way of improving your overall boxing skills. A heavy bag imitates sparring with a partner, which can help improve aspects such as endurance, power, coordination and technique, including your all important footwork. This in turn will help burn away any excess body fat. We have a great range of heavy bags and punch bags for you to choose from. To maximise the fat burning effects, why not try adding some speed rope training in between, such as our Venum Competitor Weighted Skipping Ropes. This will help improve your footwork further and help shred away that unwanted body fat – leaving you in fantastic shape.


Speed Bag

A speed bag is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to improve your coordination and punch speed. Using a speed bag can be tricky for beginners, but practice makes perfect. You should practice the speed bag until you can keep a steady rhythm for around 2 minutes. To improve upon that, why not try dividing your speed bag training into 3 five minute rounds so help with endurance as well as speed and coordination. We have speed balls from Blitz Sports, which are both easy to set up.



Lastly, you should take part in regular sparring. This will help showcase the improvements you have made following your boxing training routine and will help identify any areas you need to work on. If you want to be self-critical, you could even set up a camera to film each sparring session so you can watch it back.



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