September 2015


The Best Training Workout for Boxing

As a boxer – or someone who is looking to get into the sport – it can sometimes be overwhelming looking for a workout that is right for you. True, there’s not a ‘one size fits all’ solution that will work for everyone, as everyone responds differently to different workouts. That’s why we’ve mentioned a few top training tips to help you on your way, which should be integrated into every boxing workout, no matter what your ability.   Benefits of a boxing routine As a boxer, your ultimate goal... Read More


Gym Bag Essentials for Every Boxer

Apart from the obvious boxing attire, such as your top and shorts, your gym bag should include other boxing essentials that you can’t go without. Here at FightCo, we understand the importance of remaining calm and clear minded before any boxing competitions so we’ve put together a small list of items that you should have packed ready in your bag – just to make things a little easier for yourself.   1- Gym Bag/ Holdall Your gym bag will take more of a beating than your opponent in the ring,... Read More