Blitz Sports Leather Medicine Ball Review

Fight Co have teamed up with Stephen Townley in relation to a review of a Blitz Sports leather medicine ball (5kg).

Review of the Blitz Sports medicine ball

When I think of a medicine ball I often think of Rocky films and the like!  Shots of extremely lean fighters being prepared for fights with the aid of medicine balls being thrown/dropped onto their abdominal area from great height.

Now I can’t say if this method of training is of use and in fact offers any success in improving the abdominal muscles ability to withhold a greater amount of punches, but what I do know is the use of a medicine ball at home, in the gym/dojo can aid training.

The truth of the matter is this, medicine balls are a simple tool.  A circular object usually covered in leather (various forms) coming in various weights.  Blitz have here a simple tool that used correctly offers you a great aid to training.  I look at it and think of the old saying ‘why try to re-invent the wheel’ or ‘if it isn’t broke, why try to fix it’.  It’s robust (it has been thrown around enough for me to see that) has an ‘old skool’ type design and offers great value for money for any home dwelling fitness enthusiast.

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The application of the medicine ball I believe lies firmly in the arena of circuit training (and can be utilised within plyometric training also) – while this method of training has seen a great boost of popularity its uses have been cemented in military training for decades.  You only have to stand in a military base in almost any professional force in the world to see the clear benefits of plyometric training.  Not only is it an excellent method of honing the strength/power training you may have already foregone but a great method for the beginner to tread shallowly in the sea of exercise.

I’m a great fan of circuit training and used this medicine ball with great effect…. Ball slams, abdominal twists (both sitting and standing), and linked sits ups with partners throwing the ball to each other at the top end of a sit up.  I even found its benefits when warming up and cooling down (including static stretches).  When training I found explosive exercises (some excellent plyometric movements can be partnered with this product) are where I got the greatest benefit of using the medicine ball, coupling it with bodyweight and weighted exercises.

The medicine ball isn’t going to offer strength improvements (unless you’re talking ridiculously weighted ones), however I would argue its benefits when added to power/speed training.  Here you get a load that is un-balanced (aiding further stimulus) that is mobile (can be used pretty much anywhere, although be careful in your living room) and on the hole relatively cheap.  This product is currently available through Fight Co – a company that offers the UK enthusiast/competitor a great service at extremely competitive prices.

About Stephen Townley

I am 35 years of age and have been training in martial arts since the age of 8.  Spending most of my youth training in Boxing I joined the Royal Marines at the age of 17 where I had a successful 14 year career, serving in various parts of the world on active and humanitarian service.  I am now a mature student at Glyndwr University, Wrexham studying BSc Sports and Exercise Science as well as navigating the UKSCA accreditation pathway.  I currently train in BJJ (Purple belt) at Charlie McDonalds Hippo House (Sukata) and Judo under Darren Dean at Deeside Judo Club.  I am the person behind and am constantly looking to enhance my physiological and psychological knowledge on all things linked to sports, specifically BJJ, Judo and combat based

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