Bad Boy Engaged Rash Guard Review and Promo Code

Fight Co have recently teamed up with Cristiana Theodoli in relation to a review of the Bad Boy Engaged Rash Guard.

Review of the Bad Boy Engaged Rash Guard

As an active BJJ competitor I am always on the lookout for new training gear so when asked if I could review one of their products for this promotion I jumped at the chance.

Having to pick from the store’s wide choice of items was difficult but we agreed on me testing a long sleeved Bad Boy Engaged rash guard  and in the past week I have been putting it through its paces.

While I have always been aware of the Bad Boy brand, originally set up as a surfing and skating label in the 80s before it expanded to combat and mainstream sports in the 90s, I never had a chance to try their products and I have to say I was super impressed.

I received to review their black, long sleeved rash guard in Large – I am 5’9” and about 74kg, and while not cut for women it overall fits very well.

Simply designed with a large recognisable Bad Boy logo in carbon effect at the front and a smaller more subtle logo on the back below the neck the top has a straightforward, no nonsense look.

I first wore the rash guard for two hours training divided up in an hour technique and an hour rolling and found it to be super soft, warm but breathable and so comfortable I didn’t want to take it off at the end.

Bad Boy Rash Guard in Training Bad Boy Engaged Rash Guard in Black

The brand advertises it as having “advanced ‘Thermawick’ technology to diffuse sweat and keep muscles warm” and I have to say, even after an hour rolling at high intensity and with sweat pouring out of me it still felt as dry and soft as when I first tried it on.

Training in a gym with no heating in the cold Scottish weather can be hard going and keeping the muscles warm is key to avoid getting injured but I have sometimes found that once rolling long sleeved rash guards can become stifling, not so the Engage which almost felt like a second skin throughout training.

As a woman I am usually weary of rash guards without a rubberised edge to keep them in place over the hips but after four training sessions with this on I have to give it to the Bad Boy product developers.

Using it both under the Gi and in NoGi sparring it was great to find that it only rode up a couple of times, usually staying in place throughout the rounds, possibly thanks to a mix of fabric material and to its great torso length.

Made with 4X4 Nylon flat stitch for strong seams and to avoid what I call stitch-itch the top still feels brand new after four training sessions and five washes at 40 degrees which indicates it should hold up well in the long run, supporting the brand’s claims of “tensile strength for perfect shape retention”.

The fabric, 90% polyester & 10% spandex, is also supposed to have “antimicrobial effects built into the fibres for unprecedented skin protection” which – if effective – is a great feature when spending so much time rolling around the mats.

Bad Boy Rash Guard Time Lapse

With its minimalist clean design and ranked colour options the rash guard comes in both short and long sleeves and it is approved by the IBJJF, the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation, making it competition legal.

While aware of the brand itself, I was never tempted to buy a Bad Boy rash guard but I have to admit it is now one of my favourite tops in my training rotation and am looking forward to getting a short sleeved one for the summer too.

About Cristiana

Cristiana Theodoli is a grappler, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt and avid competitor training out of the Royce Gracie Academy in Glasgow.

She fell into combat sports while looking for self defence training after being threatened in her previous job as a crime reporter.

Though she has since moved to a quieter job in the NHS she fell in love with the sport and now trains six days a week in a mix of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and strength and conditioning classes.

She started competing in BJJ tournaments in June 2013 winning gold in both her weight category in the Gi and in the NoGi absolute at the Scottish Nationals.

Despite setbacks from a shoulder injury last year she has gone on to compete and medal in national and international competitions, recently earning silver at the IBJJF Europeans in Lisbon in January this year.

Cristiana’s blog can be found at

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