Essential MMA

Leaving the once dominant sport of boxing behind in its trail, the world of mixed martial arts has witnessed a meteoric rise from distant second to undisputed king of the combat sport arena. Household names including the likes of Ronda Rousey and Chael Sonnen plaster billboards and sell-out famous venues on a regular basis.

If you’ve always wanted to get involved with MMA, the ascent of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and its fighters into the realm of popular culture provides the ideal backdrop to do so. Capitalising on this surge in mainstream attention, a steady influx of dōjōs, gyms and qualified trainers have continued to pop-up worldwide.

Of course, you’re going to want to be prepared. This blog aims to provide you with an inroad into the most essential gear for your excursion into the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Firstly, and of paramount importance is protective gear.  In combat, a whole host of things can go wrong, fast, and each aspiring fighter owes it to their own self to practice responsibility by sporting suitable, well-fitting equipment. Including: elbow guards, groin guards rash guards and gum shields; Fightco has available a range which is designed to cater for all ages, budgets and styles.

Secondly, clothing. Unsurprisingly, compulsory in the ring and also provides fighters to distinguish themselves from the pack. Fightco stocks MMA T-Shirts and Hoodies sure to make you stand out from the crowd. It’s important for fighters to feel comfortable in competition, training and everyday life. At Fightco, we pride ourselves on supplying fight fans with the latest from recognised, acclaimed brands such as Hayabusa, Venum and Bad Boy. Whenever you purchase clothing from the Fightco store, you can be assured that you’ll be sporting the latest MMA trends with items from official MMA brands.

Finally, outside of competition training is essential. For those still working on fulfilling overly-optimistic New Year resolutions and for those already inspired and dedicated to push themselves to the absolute limit, our training and gym equipment will satisfy your needs and aid you in your quest to perfect your techniques. From a range of punching bags to innovative Versys fight simulators, our store can provide for you.

We are also proud to present our kids MMA and Muay Thai section, dedicated to supporting the next generation of fighters. Fightco stocks a comprehensive range of official gear, ranging from trusted brands like Sandee, Bltiz Sports and MTG Pro.

Fight Co stocks the latest products, brands and styles in a dizzying collection of Muay Thai and MMA equipment sure to satisfy the needs of both fresh-faced beginner and grizzled-veteran alike. Browse our store today for unbeatable deals on unmissable items.

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