Fairtex limited edition boxing gloves

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Fairtex Muay Thai leather boxing gloves



Fairtex limited edition boxing gloves – to see our full range of gloves click here

Fairtex are one of the leading suppliers of Muay Thai gloves and equipment in the world. The gloves are hand made in Thailand from top quality leather.

The original Fairtex BGV1 boxing gloves are available in black, red, blue and white.  Fairtex also have their breathable range of boxing gloves available, the Fairtex BGV1-B boxing gloves have a mesh palm they allows your hands to breath while training and allows the gloves to stay fresh in-between training sessions.

In addition to the standard Muay Thai boxing gloves Fairtex have also designed some great limited edition boxing gloves. Fight co stock many of these limited edition gloves and they are available with free delivery. Our range of Fairtex limited edition boxing gloves are below.

Fairtex brown retro boxing gloves.

Fairtex Falcon boxing gloves.

Fairtex Thai Pride boxing gloves.

Fairtex F-Day boxing gloves.

Fairtex Emrald boxing gloves.

Whats your favourite style boxing gloves??

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  • BIG T

    I’ve always used these gloves as I’ve found them the most comfortable and really good protection. Will definatly be buying a pair of limited edition gloves! I fancy the gold ones! Do you have stock?

  • David Lythe

    My favourite products are MTG hand wraps and Twins 10oz lace ups, both light and durable

  • James Rogers

    Fairtex gear is awesome!

  • Everything and anything

  • Dan

    I have a pair of red fairtex gloves with black stars on them, they get used for everything, sparring and bag work.

  • Jade Garstang

    I absolutely LOVE Fairtex gloves they are amazing! Best brand I’ve ever used

  • Paul smith

    My favourite fairtex items are my fairtex bag and fairtex shin pads

  • Simon paramore

    I would love a pair of fairtex falcons they look awesome

  • Don Scoular

    Fairtex lace up for fighting in. Twins 16oz for sparring and bag work.
    Curious about Booster gear not tried any of it yet.

  • Samantha butcher

    Fairtex all the way !❤️my gloves like my babies 😉

  • ross naylor

    when i started muay thai i bought cheap hand wraps and gloves – i soon realised you get what you pay for and started using fairtex. easiest decision ever.

  • James

    Gotta love Yokkao. They look great and the quality is worthy of the price.

  • Joshua Marler

    Fairtex funnily enough!

  • Chris Yoxall

    Just wearing out my twins gloves and will be ordering fairtex next for sure. Wearing the shorts for everyday sparring. Brilliant kit and best fighter in Yodsanklai.

  • Justin wadmore

    Would love some fairtex but unfortunately in on a budget so the best ive found is blitz

  • patrick carter

    I am currently using a fairtex belly pad.great protection and surprisingly light compared to other brands.worth the price.

  • Eugene Correa

    i love Fairtex and Badboy the most i think those 2 bands r the best out there nothing like it