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Martial Arts: Recovery from Injury

Like many sportsmen and women, martial artists suffer injuries. These often come along with the negative associations of being hurt. Terms such as “side-lined”, “surgery or therapy”, or even “restricted” are hard to accept, and often the martial artist is faced with a whole new type of opponent, one that often seems, at least at first, unbeatable. Here we look at the effects of injury, and how to deal with the occurrence of an injury and all of the associated negativity.   Mental Injuries are most often physical, but the... Read More

Why Your Kids Should Do Martial Arts

There are many sports, both team and individual-based, and all sorts of activities to which you can devote your time. However, there is one area of sporting activity that remains a misnomer, slightly ostracised from the rest. Revered by those who practice it, and feared by those that don’t. Martial arts have always been a misunderstood pastime.   Nevertheless, martial arts are fantastic for children. Moreover, the younger they start, the better too. It is not a case though of simply buying a set of kids boxing gloves or Thai... Read More

Top Misconceptions About MMA

Since the MMA is still a new fighting discipline, many people have rather unfounded ideas about the sport. From the outside MMA can look like a barbaric game where both opponents aim to fight to the death. Despite what fearful parents might say, MMA isn’t the Roman coliseum deathmatch that they think they’re watching. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about the MMA. These Look Like Normal Athletes From behind a screen, many an MMA fighter looks like any average guy with a bit of muscle on him... Read More

Punch (or Kick or Grapple) Your Way Into the New Year

Fight Co has you covered for many types of fighting styles. If you’re thinking about taking up a martial art and have decided that 2017 is your year, here are some things you might want to know about different practices as you try out what works best for you.   Muay Thai This sport is intriguing not only for its relatively brutal training but also for its ritualistic aspects, which have not been stripped away for Western practitioners. Music, prayers and acknowledgements, and the process of ‘sealing the ring’ prior... Read More

Bruce Lee, Cool Facts About the Father of Mixed Martial Arts

Bruce Lee was a special fighter; his moves were powerful and accurate, but what made him so watchable was his dance-like fluidity combined with the ease with which he could knock any opponent out. Lee was born in San Francisco in 1940; it was the year of the dragon, and according to his birth records he was even born within the hour of the dragon. When his family returned to Hong Kong, young Bruce was cast in a movie as a stand-in for an American baby, and with that his... Read More

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Training Advice from the Pros

The best advice comes from the pros. Looking to get fitter, stronger, better? Then look no further – here are some great pieces of advice from some of the best fighters around. Frank Mir – UFC Frank Mir is one of the best people to take advice from, not only because of his skill in the octagon but because of what he’s had to overcome to get where he is. After suffering a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 2004 he was told that he might never walk again. Fast forward four... Read More

Don’t Crack: Caring for Your Leather Boxing Gloves

Cracks in leather are the beginning of the end, so when it comes to those precious leather boxing gloves, prevention is far better than cure. You’ve spent some money on them, so following these tips to care for them will be worth your while.   Interior Handwraps: If you’re not wearing them, you should be; and they should always be fresh and dry when you put them on. They soak up some of the moisture inside so there’s less to get rid of in the first place. The wraps can... Read More


The History of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is more than a simple set of kicks and punches. Muay Thai is a full body attack and self-defence system created hundreds of years ago by tribes defending territory as they slowly made their way from the steppes of China to the dense jungles of Thailand and Vietnam. Today, this culturally Thai, close-combat sport is practiced at schools around the world. With benefits like increasing core strength and even stress relief, Muay Thai can be practiced by people of all ages. Here’s a brief history of this martial... Read More

Fairtex: Bringing Muay Thai to the World

What Cleto Reyes is to boxing and Mexico, Fairtex is to Muay Thai and Thailand. The story begins in 1971, when Bunjong Busarakamwongse started a textile factory. Fairtex mostly produced T-shirts under its own domestic label and exported under other labels, but this business was destined to go international in a whole different way. Mr. Wong, as Fairtex’s founder is better known, also trained Muay Thai as a hobby. His business became increasingly successful, but he was eager to do something to help better the prospects for youth in his... Read More

Judo v Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Who Comes Out On Top?

  Many martial arts styles are based on ancient fighting techniques, their origins mostly unknown, although often developed to protect or overthrow a ruling class. Surprisingly, though, the two most common self-defence systems today, judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, both have very clear beginnings, and maybe less surprisingly, bullying was the catalyst for their creation.   Jujutsu Jigoro Kano, founder of judo, came from a wealthy family. As a teenager, he was sent to an English boarding school in a nearby Tokyo suburb, where a culture of bullying was common among... Read More